Executive Search

The art of executive search is all about perfect combination of our experiences, our industry specific knowledge, people and cultures with the recruitment tools and methodologies.

In today’s unrelenting competitive market, companies throughout the world are competing to win the war for talent. Investing in top executives is the most critical decision for every business, as they cannot afford to be complacent about leadership decisions. In India, executive search is more challenging because of the cultural diversity and vast business landscape. Our indepth understanding of such complexities support us in indentifying the right candidate for our clients.

As a practice, We work on a limited number of engagements, to ensure that search assignments are completed in a time bound manner.

We conduct extensive discussion with the client about their needs, we develop a comprehensive understanding of the organization, its business goals, culture as well as the specific requirements for the appointment. Apart from the operations and strategy, and the specific search needs, we place an lot of emphasis on developing an understanding of the culture and values, which we believe is critical for successful placements and successful careers. The reasons why the job is attractive are also carefully analyzed.

Keeping in mind the needs of the role and the deliverables, our team finalizes a search strategy that defines relevant skills required in the context of the talent available in the industry. Our researchers and consultants assess market availability, use comparative benchmarking and find candidates who not only have the required experience and expertise but are the correct cultural fit with the organization.

Potential candidates are thoroughly screened, their qualifications examined, past performance verified, motivation and personality assessed and, where appropriate, strengths and weaknesses appraised. Throughout the search process, the client is kept informed of progress and findings. A long list of qualified candidates together with brief profiles is usually presented to the client along with recommendations of those who best meet the specifications.

For perfect closure, our objective is not just to find the best person for the job, but also ensure that the job is in the best interests of the candidate. We evaluate candidates not just against the competency and experience grids, but also against the cultural framework of company we are engaging with, as well as the nuances of the workforce in India. We ensure that we are able to walk both candidates and hiring partner through the decision making process to arrive at a mutually beneficial conclusion.

After a successful candidate has been appointed and begun the assignment, we maintain an ongoing dialogue with both the candidate and the client to ensure a smooth integration into the organisation and, at the same time, assure the achievement of performance goals.