ROPE – Reach Out Program for Employees in distress. Support Program for Employees facing redundancy

Launching Symphoni HR’s ‘ROPE initiative’… or the “Reach Out Program for Employees in distress” (ROPE)…

This thought came to me now (late at night) as I ponder over my interaction over the last week… with many of my friends and ex-colleagues who lost their jobs overnight or as their future came under heightened uncertainty.

But all is NOT lost my friends… Hope Floats ()… I do have some Investment banking clients that are hiring, and my team and I can act as a bridge for you folks.

Some of my clients are willing to explore placing YOU talented people in similar or related work streams.

So for those people seeking new roles and those firms willing to welcome them on the other side of the bridge, please contact me….

Active roles with me include Quant & Analytics, Data Science, Finance/Product Control & Reporting, Fund Admin, Fund Accounting, BP&A, Risk & Compliance, to name a few…

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