Trends In Credit Research

  • A Europe/ Asia banking firm appears to have the largest team in Credit Research with 300+ members, with many talking of a global banking firm and a US Investment Bank having amongst the most complex functional rigour
  • Companies like a leading UK bank, a British investment bank, an Asia-based financial services group, a leading European financial services group have comparatively small team size ranging from 30 to 70 people
  • A Swiss Investment Bank’s team was recently set up in India and there is another large global bank that is planning a big ramp up in Mumbai
  • An Indian digital services and consulting firm and an American services firm are among the large third-party vendors to support this function
  • A leading wealth management and asset management firm, two of the Big4, a leading fund service provider, a leading process management firm, a global investments company, an American financial services firm, an Australian multinational investment bank and a leading commercial bank have no teams or little presence in India for Credit Research as per our Candidate Survey
  • Please note that Bank/Organization names have been withheld in these summaries, For a detailed version of this report and pricing, please contact

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