Retail Analytics Trends

  • Growing Adoption of Python: Most of the retail analytics companies appear to be migrating to Python and R from SAS
    • Some companies like a US bank holding company has completely moved to Python
    • While a US Investment Bank, a Europe/ Asia banking firm, a global banking firm and a leading operations management and analytics company are moderate on SAS and are now focusing on Python and R
    • A leading commercial bank is still in talks to move processes to Python and R
  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning & NLP: a Europe/ Asia banking firm is using methodologies like Machine Learning and is conducting training for their employees. A US Investment Bank and a global banking firm are ramping up on methodologies like NLP and Deep Learning
  • Current hiring activity is being dominated by:
    • A US Investment Bank is actively hiring in Mumbai and Pune for Fraud analytics
    • A global banking firm is hiring in Bengaluru
    • A global banking firm is believed to be planning to start hiring for their Pune centre in the next 6 months
  • A US banking firm, a leading commercial bank and a leading operations management and analytics company are hiring through internal mobility for replacement hiring
  • Please note that Bank/Organization names have been withheld in these summaries, For a detailed version of this report and pricing, please contact

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