We have dedicated teams to cater to needs of companies across domains. They are highly experienced to hire skill-sets at all levels.

Apart from commercial banks, the banking and finance industry includes NBFCs, insurance companies, mutual funds, asset reconstruction companies and various other mid and large cap financial entities. With newer avenues and sound fundamentals, the industry offers tremendous scope for growth of talented professionals. An in-depth understanding of the banking and finance industry helps us successfully fulfill the recruitment needs of the banks and financial institutions that are associated with us. Apart from providing executive search services, our dedicated team of recruitment specialists, HR consultants and researchers also advise our clients on planning and implementing the strategies and systems required in managing their human resources successfully.

The ever-expanding technological landscape, deeper penetration of artificial intelligence (AI) and entry of new players has created lakhs of jobs in the IT and telecom industry. The rapid growth in the industry has increased the requirement of appropriate talent so as to develop and secure seamless delivery of IT and Telecom services. As a partner of choice for many big players of the industry, we have taken over the responsibility of identifying the right candidates for the right positions. While our recruitment specialists are busy addressing the complex demands of our clients within the shortest span of time, our HR consultants bring in their expertise of recognizing the ever-changing needs of the industry to implement efficient HR management systems for our clients.

Annual audit of accounts is a crucial service for providing assurance with regards to entities’ historical financial statements. Ever since the fall of Enron and later Satyam in India, corporates have begun to realise that high-quality audits are extremely crucial to their survival in order to red flag financial issue before they blow out of proportion to hit a crisis point. With the Whistle Blowers Protection Act, 2011 in place, the onus is on accounting professionals to keep corporates on track on compliance issues in the interest of all stakeholders. This is an important role for which we search and assess candidates very carefully for our clients, knowing that big fortunes rest on their calibre. Star candidates are not a cost head to the company, on the contrary they contribute hugely in enhancing the credibility and accuracy in the companies’ financial statements and statutory filings with the regulatory authorities.

Characterized by intense competition, the FMCG and FMCD is one industry that is consistently in search of professionals to cater to the needs of the millions of consumers across the world. With brands growing in popularity and going global by the year, there is a continuous hunt for appropriate talent that can come up with new ideas to package, market, advertise and communicate. The heavy compensation packages, the perks and the available growth opportunities make this industry most preferred of all, for career development. Our clients are always on the lookout for self-motivated individuals who can add value to their businesses. Through our expertise and experience in the industry, we help them achieve their goals, offering them the right human resources.

The advancements in technology and the need for better products are factors that have caused the engineering and manufacturing industry to become one of the most influential sectors of the world economy. Apart from providing a source of income to individuals and their families, the industry also supports national and global economies. Despite being one of the largest employers across sectors, the engineering and manufacturing industry is on a constant lookout for skilled professionals who can handle responsibilities efficiently. Through our extensive database and network, our recruitment specialists source the right kind of talent to perfectly fit into the job roles specified by our clients in the engineering and manufacturing sector.

Despite being a sector that is highly impacted by the overall economic conditions, the real estate and construction industry manages to attract huge investments from across the world. The high-risk nature of the sector has little to do with the ever-increasing demand that the industry places for individuals who are experienced in land acquisition matters, project management and construction management. A thorough market-knowledge and an extensive network enable our recruitment specialists to clearly understand the specific requirements of clients and candidates and map the right candidates to the right positions. Apart from this, our HR consultants help our clients in implementing efficient HR management systems for seamless delivery of their services.