Trends In Business Finance Control & Reporting

  • A European banking major’s Equities business stays for now but will shut by year-end. Equities Product Control is a 60-member team and most of them have already been accommodated internally in other asset classes or other divisions.
  • Internal Financial Reporting in a European banking major has moved from India to Manila
  • Regulatory Reporting process in a Europe/ Asia banking firm is reportedly moving partly to Krakow from India
  • At a leading commercial bank, Chennai team of Product Control moved to Bangalore in 2017 and core Product Control team now exists in Bangalore only
  • At a global banking firm, approx. 100 roles are moving in Financial Control from Costa Rica and the next move is expected in Product Control to Mumbai from Tampa later in the year
  • An Asia-based financial services group’s Product Control hiring was frozen earlier in the year and there are no updates yet on any new hiring activity
  • An Australian multinational investment bank’s 2018 target to ramp up Financial Control by approx. 100 was only partly achieved so there may be some hiring expected
  • An American multinational corporation is diversifying itself from a Swiss multinational investment bank. Over the last few years An American multinational corporation has partnered with a Japanese retail and corporate bank
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